When I jumped on the LiveJournal bandwagon, I instantly got hooked on making icons. I thought it would be a neat idea to put all of my unused icons and any new icons I make on a website, and so I launched an archive kinda thing in 2004 - Scarlett's Pile O' Icons. :)

I create my icons using Adobe PhotoShop CS2 (v. 9) and a good dash of inspiration. I really don't care about credit. I truly just like making icons. I get a kick out of seeing my icons in use, but I don't immediately check the person's userinfo or whatever to see if they credited me. I just smile happily and go about my business. :) Just use 'em and enjoy 'em!

Check out my Delicious account for the icon textures, coloring tutorials, and brushes that I've used and loved over the years.