My favorite websites! Check out these just generally cool sites, music- and TV/movies-related pages, essential magazines, beauty blogs 'n' suchneat (non-Internet!) places to visit, and health resources.

Just Plain Cool Sites

W3Schools CSS Tutorial
Whether you're a pro or just starting out with CSS, this is an essential site to visit.
Wayback Machine
Travel back in time to early incarnations of your favorite websites!
Google Web Fonts
A wonderful way to jazz up your website - Open Source web fonts!
If you're into typography on the 'net, you're gonna be so into this site.
Apple iPod Support
An essential resource for iPod owners.
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Music junkie Mecca. Find out how many different versions of your favorite album were released, research your favorite artist's discography, or just enjoy reading the beautifully bonkers titles of Trouser Enthusiasts remixes.
Such a great resource!
Album Of The Year
I've got the New Album Releases page bookmarked! With user reviews and other helpful links (to Amazon, critics' reviews, etc.), this is a really great way to keep up with new music.
Popjustice/The Popjustice Forum
Get tips on the best new songs, albums, and pop happenings!
An invaluable resource for Kylie collectors and a fun site to browse around!
Tons of neat Queen stuff. Very highly recommended!
Dana International - Non-official website
A fantastic Dana site with lyrics, discography, and more!
Beautifully designed with tons of great things to see, read, and enjoy!
The Verve Live
Excellent source for news and more about the band and its members.
Richard Ashcroft Online
All Richard Ashcroft, all the time!
Gaffaweb - A Tribute to Kate Bush and her fans
A must-visit site!!
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TV, Movies, & More

A celebrity gossip blog-type-thing. It's the user comments that make it great!
Are You Being Served? Central
Keep up-to-date with Served?-related happenings and reminisce about the show on this awesome official site.
The Establishment - From the Peter Cook Appreciation Society
The best Peter Cook site ever, with tons and tons of downloads (audio and video), information, and much more!
Bravo TV Official Site
Fun TV trash!
Adult Swim (a.k.a. Cartoon Network at night)
Idk, I just love these dumb shows.
Tom Baker: The Official Website
Tom "The Doctor" Baker's official site!
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Magazines Galore

Entertainment Weekly
I've been a subscriber for years - EW covers everything in pop culture!
Q; Uncut; MOJO
A Holy Trinity of sorts: Between these three British music mags I first picked up years ago at Borders (RIP), I have learned about and checked out so much great music! They each have a lot of neat things to say about music of the past, but they also keep up with current tunes. What more can you ask for?
Under the Radar
More recently, I've fallen in love with this fab mag that covers indie and off-the-beaten-path music. I like to have a pen and paper handy while I'm reading to jot down names of artists I discover I need to check out!
Allure; Cosmopolitan; Glamour; ELLE
All beauty all the time; fun and frivolous; fun and a bit less frivolous; full of stuff way out of my price league and (let's be real) way more sophisticated than I am, but it's fun to dream.
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Beauty Blogs 'n' Such

Fantastic resource for swatches and thorough reviews!
Musings of a Muse
Really helpful and honest reviews.
The Product Reviews section is chock full of user reviews of every beauty-related product under the sun.
A perfume fanatic's heaven! Reviews, updates, forums, and even a way to keep track of your own fragrance collection.
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Neat Places to Visit

Each location comes complete with my seal of approval!

The Walters Art Museum (Baltimore, MD)
The Record Exchange (Silver Spring, MD)
Incredible selection, incredible prices. Just visit and enjoy!
CDepot (College Park, MD)
I'd live there if I could!
Historic Ellicott City (Maryland)
Especially The Antique Depot!
Calvert Marine Museum (Solomons Island, MD)
Lots of exhibits highlighting Solomons Island history!
Fenwick Street Used Books & Music (Leonardtown, MD)
The Smithsonian museums (Washington, DC)
I'm so lucky to live so close to these museums.
Cool Scoops (also on Facebook) (Wildwood, NJ)
No trip to Wildwood is complete without a trip for a hot dog and ice cream at this wonderful, colorful Doo Wop diner!
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Health Resources

International OCD Foundation
Info about obsessive compulsive disorder. Facts galore at this very informative site.
Fantastic resource!
National MS Society
A great way to learn more - and live well!
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