So what's this "fanlisting" thing? A fanlisting is basically what the word sounds like: it's just a list of fans of something or someone (like TV shows, movies, or actors). Fanlistings have been kicking around the 'net for over a decade - there are a bunch of fanlistings linked at The Fanlistings Network! - and this Peter Cook fanlisting has now been around for that long, too! (I feel old.)

As of June 7, 2018, 84 Peter Cook fans from 21 countries have added their name to this The Fanlistings Network-listed fanlisting!

Let's see how long we can make this list! Just take a look at it - what a glittering "who's who" of Peter Cook fans! Then add your own name for Internet posterity. If you're already listed, you can also update your info/reset your password!

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