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Welcome to “Good Evening!” This site aims to entertain fans of Peter Cook, and maybe even to inform, if I’m lucky. If you weren’t aware, Peter Cook is, basically, a genius. You may know him from Not Only… But Also with Dudley Moore or from his witty work in Beyond the Fringe; maybe you’ve heard of some guys called Derek and Clive, or you saw this really funny clergyman in The Princess Bride. However much or little you know of Peter Cook, I’m sure you’ve discovered that he’s brilliant! If you wanna learn more (of course you do!), About Peter Cook is just the page for you.

Have a look around the site and be sure to check out site updates and Peter Cook in-the-news sightings here on the front page! There’s also a Gallery I try to add new pics to from time to time. Fannish fan things abound, too, in the form of wallpapers and icons on the aptly titled Fan Fun page.

Plus, you can add your name to a (surely endless) list of fellow Cook nuts. As of December 2, 2016, 83 Peter Cook fans from 21 countries have added their name to this The Fanlistings Network-listed fanlisting!

All this and not much more – have a good time (and a good evening, or something)!

The Undiscovered Peter Cook! Rediscovered Dead Sea Tapes!

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Big, big news! The Undiscovered Peter Cook, the “definitive” Cook documentary that was announced last year, is here! The hour-long doc will be aired on BBC Four on November 16 at 10pm. Check out scheduling info on the BBC Four website. The BBC Media Centre has the deets on this Lewis-Smith and Lin Cook collaboration:

[The documentary] is a fascinating and unique hour of television, that includes Peter performing hitherto unknown comedy sketches, rediscovered interviews, and long-lost footage of Peter performing with his comedy partner Dudley Moore, as well as with Peter Sellers and David Attenborough.

According to the Media Centre, we will also see home video clips, reconstructed Not Only But Also sketches, footage from Cook’s memorial service, and Lin Cook’s first televised interview.

And and and… there’s also just the little matter of the resurfacing of the Dead Sea Tapes! They’ll be aired in part in the doc, and The Telegraph reports that Lewis-Smith noted that he is talking to Radio 4 about “a programme that ‘fully celebrates the rediscovery of these remarkable Dead Sea Tapes.'” Turns out Lewis-Smith found ’em in Cook’s archive, which apparently would’ve been a surprise even to Cook, as Lewis-Smith wrote in Radio Times (and The Telegraph quoted):

Here were the “Dead Sea Tapes” – long believed lost, even by Peter – a semi-improvised collection of Bible sketches that Peter and Dudley intended to release in the US in 1964.

The Telegraph reports that the Tapes’ “sketches include Cook and Moore playing tailors reminiscing over how Jesus liked to have his clothes cut (‘immaculately’).” Well, that’s enough for me to start counting down the days until we get to hear these tapes in full!

Good golly, it’s a Gallery update!

gallery updates, website stuff

Thank you so much to Mariela for sending a ton of pictures my way!! You made me one happy website owner. :)

I selected and posted in the Gallery a smattering of the ones that I’m hoping are OK to share (e.g., not copyrighted by a news service, etc.). I’m not sure about the original sources for most of them, unfortunately. Some seem to have come from old eBay listings; a few might be from Movie Stills Database. The others, I’m not sure about, and Google image searches don’t yield any helpful results. I’m thinking maybe a few are sourced from the long gone but very much missed FOREVER MOORE Dudley Moore fan website, but I just don’t know.

Basically, I don’t want to step on any toes or not give credit where it is very much due – so please please please let me know via email or comment if you are the source of any of these images and if you want me to take ’em down or leave ’em up!

Martin Lewis says “Goodbye” to Garry Shandling

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Comedy fans all over are mourning the sad and sudden loss of Garry Shandling, who passed away on March 24. Martin Lewis recalls in a Huffington Post article (“Garry Shandling, Larry Sanders and Bernie Sanders…”) that Peter Cook counted himself as a Shandling enthusiast:

[Shandling] was always tickled knowing that one of his early heroes — the legendary British comic Peter Cook — was a big fan of his It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. I recall that Peter once delayed a script meeting he and I were due to have with HBO in NYC just so Peter could have an extra day in L.A. to hang with Garry. Genius knew genius…

Renaissance guy Lewis worked with Cook a bunch – like on the three Secret Policeman’s Balls that Cook performed in – and champions the legacy of the great man, like with the memorial tribute to Cook he organized in 1995 (Bedazzling!). (And this Huffington Post piece!)

RIP Garry Shandling. As Lewis concludes, “I guess Garry and Peter now have more time to hang out together…”

Ten years! And other things

website stuff
  • This website has now been online for ten years! Ten years. Here’s to many many more years of whatever it is this site does! :) My favorite part of running this site has been hearing from and connecting with fellow Cook fans. Basically, Cook fans are the best.
  • New layout up – everything should be working correctly, but if not, lemme know and I’ll see what’s what.
  • I drew up a new “About Peter Cook” page. I’d been meaning to write a new page for a while; I wrote the original one when I started up this site. (Ten years ago!) To be quite honest, that “About” page was terrible. Wasn’t very engaging, I got some details wrong (unforgivable), and it just wasn’t a very good thing at all. So, hopefully this new page gets the Cook deets across and is also a little more fun to read. As I said, hopefully. (But do please lemme know if I goofed up something on this write-up, too!)

Hope all of ya out there in Cook fan land are having a good start to 2016!

Derek and Clive building?

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Got a question for all you Derek and Clive nuts out there! I received an email from a D&C fan looking to make a pilgrimage of sorts to the building featured on the cover of Derek and Clive Come Again. (Well, maybe not a pilgrimage – more like go there and take a pic. Close enough.)

Please, if anyone knows where the Derek and Clive Come Again cover building is located, email me or comment here. Your help would make a Derek and Clive fan very happy indeed!!

Thanks thanks thanks! :)

BBC, Victor Lewis-Smith: Making the “definitive” Cook doc

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Aw yeah! Jay Richardson of Chortle reports that a new Peter Cook documentary is in the works for the BBC, by Dudley Moore: After The Laughter doc maker Victor Lewis-Smith and Lin Cook. Excitingly, Lewis-Smith tweeted that there’s “now just that little matter of going through 1000+ of Peter’s home movies, audio tapes.. etc. Tough life.” Looking forward to seeing what they come up with!!

(Also, I’ve been tinkering with a new layout for this lil’ old site, so if stuff doesn’t work or is just generally too awkward to navigate, let me know! There are a few settings I’m still playing around with so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I don’t blow the website up or something.)

From “sweary bants between pals” to “awful misanthropic bleakness” – yep, it’s Derek and Clive!

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With the recent reissue of the Derek and Clive albums, it’s been neat to see Cook and Moore popping up in articles that reevaluate their work together and, naturally, reaffirm the greatness of it. So here’s another: an article by Michael Bonner – titled “Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s Derek and Clive albums reassessed…” – was posted on Uncut magazine’s website on September 28.

Derek & Clive are shocking, reports say

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Fiona Sturges reminisces about her intro to Derek & Clive and wonders “how Derek and Clive would fare today” in a July 18 article posted to The Independent. A snippet:

You might assume that, 42 years after the first recordings, the sketches would seem tame, early exercises in gross-out comedy whose shock factor had worn off. In fact, the feeling of subversion persists. … In 2015 Pete and Dud are still gleefully pushing boundaries and breaking taboos.

And in a great August 2 piece for The Guardian, Andrew Harrison delves into the origins and success of Derek & Clive and answers the question of how the duo would fare today with his own humorously hashtagged observation that “there isn’t enough #problematic in the world to cover Derek and Clive.” Lobsters up the bum: #justderekandclivethings.

Derek and Clive come again… again

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As reported on Uncut mag’s website, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s dirty duo Derek and Clive are back! (Well, not actually back in the physical, living sense, but close enough. Sorry if I got your hopes up.)

A 5-CD set from Universal Music Catalogue, tastefully titled A Right Pair Of C****: The Complete F****** Derek & Clive, will be released on July 31 that Uncut tells us includes:

Derek and Clive (Live) (1976), Derek and Clive Come Again (1977), and Derek and Clive Ad Nauseam (1978) as well as Rude & Rare The Best of Derek and Clive (2011).

Nice. I see that Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com have the set up for pre-order, and with earlier release dates than July 31, too – June 29 and July 7, respectively.

I’m sure as heck gettin’ my pre-order on. I jumped on the Derek and Clive train late – I know, for shame! – so this set is a pretty sweet deal!

“Remembering Peter Cook”

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Start your 2015 off right by celebrating Peter Cook’s life and legacy! January 9 marks 20 years since his death, but you won’t feel sad, only cheery, if you do yourself the best favor of reading John Hind’s excellent “Remembering Peter Cook: Family and friends – including Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Bruce Forsyth – share their stories” over at The Independent.

Just do it. Click the link and do it. Do it. It’s so good.


If you have a mo’ and feel like it, do leave a comment sharing your own Peter Cook story. How did you become a fan? What’s your favorite thing he did? What’s your fave one-liner, or whole sketch? Or, get philosophical about it: why are you a fan?

Me? It’s easy to say I’m a fan, but it’s really hard for me to adequately define why. Here’s my crack at it: I’m a fan because whether I guffaw or ugly laugh or giggle or chuckle at Cook’s work, those guffaws and ugly laughs and giggles and chuckles are ones of pure happiness at pure funniness. His comedy was effortless and remains the easiest thing ever to fall in love with and laugh at like a total idiot. No matter the sketch, movie, appearance, or even song, Cook sweeps ya up into whatever yarn he’s spinning, and you can’t stop (don’t wanna stop) watching/listening/reading.

The first thing I saw him in was The Black Adder, as King Richard III. I was 12. I’m 28 now, and I still quote stuff he said in that episode. I didn’t even know who Peter Cook was then. He was just funny. I must admit that I only started really paying attention cuz I saw Cook in Bedazzled and liked what I saw (I mean, I was 17, and we’ve all seen him in that movie, right?), but now that I’m not so young and stupid (just older and stupid), I keep going back to that flawfree King Richard performance as one of my fave Cook turns. That‘s why I’m a fan. Peter Cook is just funny.

(OK, so now, your turn! Share your Peter Cook stories!)