Welcome to "Good Evening!" This site aims to entertain fans of Peter Cook, and maybe even to inform, if I'm lucky.

If you weren't aware, Peter Cook is, basically, a comedy genius. You may know him from Not Only... But Also with Dudley Moore or from his witty work in Beyond the Fringe; maybe you've heard of some guys called Derek and Clive, or you saw this really funny clergyman in The Princess Bride. However much or little you know of Peter Cook, I'm sure you've already discovered that he's brilliant! If you wanna learn more (of course you do!), About Peter Cook is just the page for you.

Have a look around the site and be sure to check out site updates and Peter Cook in-the-news sightings here on the front page! There's also a Gallery I try to add new pics to from time to time. Fannish fan things abound, too, in the form of wallpapers and icons on the aptly titled Fannish Fun page. Plus, you can add your name to a (surely endless) list of fellow Cook nuts. (As of October 12, 2018, 80 Peter Cook fans have added their name to this The Fanlistings Network-listed fanlisting!)

All this and not much more! Hope you enjoy!! (If you don't, check out the Cool Links page.)

News & Updates

(Old News)

So I completely overhauled "Good Evening" and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't completely butcher anything on it! All the pictures and content like that are still here, of course. :) I've added some new screen captures to the Gallery - from the movies Monte Carlo or Bust (1969) and Black Beauty (1994) (a very very brief Peter Cook appearance!), and the mighty and wonderful recent documentary The Undiscovered Peter Cook. Lemme know if something ain't working right. Happy New Year, btw!! :)